Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Blah Blah Blah

Thats how I feel.

I have had so many things running through my mind at a million miles an hour. I don't know where to start.
There is going to be a lot of random babble in this post. Just letting you know. ok, here goes.

how does one think it is ok to tell my daughters best friend not to hang out with her anymore. I'm not talking kids here. This was an adult. And she said it in front of my daughter. I wish I was there when it happened. I really don't like confrontation. However, when it comes to my kids, and things are said that shouldn't, the claws come out. They were playing. You know, like kids do? And the person who shall remain nameless so as to not make me a gossipper needs to mind her own beeswax. My daughters friend is much more rowdy and loud than Megan is. her mom will even say so. Yet this person has the nerve to tell her that she should stay away from that bad girl Megan . WHAT???!!!! Her kids weren't even involved so what in the world was she doing poking her nose in where it clearly did not belong.And Megan and her friend were having fun and actually not being loud at all. Then she sent her 5 year old daughter to stand and watch them.(they said the staring creeped them out). I mean, really, what the heck did I ever do to her!!? I have seen her talk about me before. I can shake that off. But talking about my kid?? Not cool.

A friend of mine had something awful happen to her years ago and just recently an obnoxious boy person who we have grown up with since we were zero years old,and who is by the way 1 year younger than us, had the nerve to tell her in so many words that it was her fault. I won't go into details because she is someone who I will always love and always defend even though we are not as close as we used to be, and I want to protect her privacy. But I am mad. He had no right to say what he did. No always means NO. I hope he reads this and feels foolish for what he said.He'll know who he is and I secretly hope that what he said to her comes back to bite him one day. Sorry, I know that was ugly of me to say.

Men who date other women while still married and living as a married couple with their wife are pigs. Not cool,ok? It was NOT my husband who did this. just thought I would say that to curb the rumors that may fly. My husband is so by far NOT a pig.He's great.


do adults have the right to discipline other peoples kids? I'm talking about when I am RIGHT there. Is it cool? No, not to me. This happened and I am still unsure of how to handle the situation. cause you know, I know my kids better than anyone and maybe I know what discipline tactics are the best to use. And are acceptable to me. Thats important. Hmm.

If I sound bitter and in a bad mood its because i am. Sometimes I just wonder what people are thinking. Seriously. And that is basically what has been going on with me other than being sick with the aky shaky flu,kids,housework, etc etc.

On a happier note, I feel a bit better now. Thanks for listening. Advice is appreciated.


devri said...

ok it is not cool to trash on anyone, I feel that you should let the parent be the parent... and I would be mad too, when it comes to my kids, I am very overprotective, and claws, fists, and knives come out, ok not the knives part, but feel like it sometimes... ugh!!!!

Cookie said...

Wow! That was a blog-ful! Hope things get better for you. I hear that chocolate often helps ;)

Cookie said...

oh, and Welcome back!

devri said...

This is a pain, but write down it, and type it in by hand.. depends on how bad you want it i guess ;)

Sandra said...

I can totally relate and it's very frustrating when it happens.