Saturday, May 31, 2008

kitty dress up

One of the kittens had the privilege of modelling doll clothes the other day.

Sunday best

I got a hand me down suit for ELias from my sister in law. He reluctantly wore it to church last sunday.He is so handsome.So cute.

I have smart kids

Our school had awards days this past week since the school year is almost over (5 more days). Megan got a math award. She also scored a 4 in math on the EOG (end of grade) testing.This is the highest score possible. We are very proud of her. She has learning disabilities so this is a huge accomplishment for her.She worked very hard this year!!
Elias was awarded a medal for academic acheivement. He is a star student and very very smart!

His awards were for high academic average and excellence in reading. He was reading at a 3rd grade level at the beginning of this year (he is about to finish 2nd grade).Very well done,Elias!

He wants to be a baseball player and a policeman when he grows up.

Friday, May 30, 2008

check this boy out!!

His name is Troy Smith and I went to high school with him. He has a cd out called O My Soul. It's great.Very spiritually uplifting music,I love it.If I had a pic I would post it and as soon as I do I will.Until then,check out his website!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Bestest music ever

I have a very good friend named Sara Lyn Baril. I went to church with her. I went to high school with her. I lived with her and her family.We followed boys,we practiced dancing in our room...well,sara did,I watched and laughed until I cried. We ran around the block late at night in our pajamas,we had good times. Oh, thoses were the days.
And now I am proud to say that Sara has made quite the name for herself in the LDS music industry. I always knew it would happen. She is a piano playing wiz. Check her out at Buy her music.It is beautiful and it is money well spent. I love it.

Dreams really do come true

My parents gave the kids money for Christmas. Nephi is with his Dad and spent his on computer stuff. Megan and Elias have been harrassing me for years to take them to the build-a-bear workshop. So we decided to stop there while we were in the mountains over Easter break.It was 2 months ago but I just haven't had the motivation to upload the pictures until now. So here they are. They are in love with their bears. Oh,and buying clothes for these bears is like buying clothes for a child because they cost just as much.Crazziness.So thanks,parents, because I never would have spent(my own) money like this.

Chris's parents have a cabin in the mountains is Burnsville. It's great to go there,very relaxing and the air is so fresh. My father in law build a treehouse on the hill beside the cabin. It is a real treehouse.You can eat,sleep,watch tv,use the bathroom,everything. Its such a cute little house.It has a bedroom and toilet upstairs,and downstairs is a little kitchen and living room area and bathroom. You have to climb ALOT of stairs to get to the treehouse but I would totally live in it. He built this treehouse with his own hands. Chris and a couple of friends helped but he moslty did it all himself. The picture shown here is the treehouse. I don't have a pic of the cabin to post yet. It's not as cute as the treehouse. And I dont have any of the inside yet. I didn't think to take pictures of the inside,so I will do that next time.

Fashionista Megan

Megan is notorious for her love of fashion,accessories ,purses,cats,and long fingernails.

She is 11.

She LOVES cats.

She got these fake fingernails for Christmas. They have cats on them.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


"This is how I play with my new cat toy"

Monday, May 19, 2008

Toothless wonder

Here is my baby,Elias, he is so handsome.....and toothless!!! Hopefully some grow in before he loses more!!

MUST read

This author is the best. You must read ALL of her books. I have read every one and they are SPLENDID. need to write more books!!!!!! I need something to read!!!

Monday, May 5, 2008


OK, so I clean houses for extra money. Not the best job,and I don't look forward to it. Ever.
Once a month I clean for an elderly lady down the road. We will call her "Miss Gigi".Not her real name, but you know,protect privacy. Last wednesday was the day to clean her house. I went, I cleaned,I made my 50 dollars. No, that's not ALL I charge.
See, she was my very first client ever. An aquaintance of mine who also cleans houses( former friend,we'll get to that another time) had given her a quote of 100.00 each time she cleans. Miss Gigi said no way, too high,blah blah blah. So My aquaintance,who we will call "Cami "gives her my number because she knows I am looking to make some extra money. Ok, so I go to her house,take a look around at her SPOTLESS house. I think ok, it won't be too bad at all. And being poor and as desperate as our situation was at the time, I needed to bring in SOME money. And she lives just down the road so no gas cost,ok. Fifty dollars. Easy money.ok, back to my story.
SO I go clean her house last week which really is easy money most of the time. She wants me to come back the next day and mop her entry way floor and she says she will pay me 25.00.ok,sure. So I show up the next morning to do the floor. Not only did I do the floor but I took out the windows on her storm doors and cleaned them,scrubbed the baseboards,flipped the cushions on her wicker furniture,washed her wicker furniture and taped the bottoms of the legs of the wicker furniture so the wicker wont unravel anymore-taped with scotch tape. She insists that this is the best holding tape.ok,fine. You'll see,miss Gigi, that scotch tape won't hold the wicker and next time I will be taping yet AGAIN(the taping of the wicker is a regular occurrence) the legs of the wicker furniture. Now on to the floor. She tells me to first wash the floor with water and dish soap. Thats how she does it and its the only way she says.So I do it. I wait for the floor to dry,and she decides she wants mop and glow on the floor. Now, I have been cleaning for her for a year now, and I have repeatedly read her the instructions on the back of the mop and glow bottle. It clearly states, squirt the soap on the floor and mop with a wet mop. Thats it. but I had already mopped with the dish soap ,as she instructed,which is going to make the floor sticky after the mop and glow goes on.Told her this before too.but she still wants a "good coat" of mop and glow on that floor. So I do it. And since she can't do anything for herself,because she is old, I have to wait for the floor to dry so I can put the rugs back down. I started at 8am and by now it is 10. I waited 45 minutes for the floor to dry and put the rugs back. Then I go home. I was there at her house for 3 hours. I made 25.00. I go home and go about my business. Then she calls. I knew it, I knew what it was about. I didn't answer the phone. All 3 times she called I ignored the calls. Because I was frustrated. Later that night I checked the voice mail and all she says in her stern voice is "CHANTAL...this is Miss Gigi. Call me please." When she yells my name I know it's not good. So the next morning I call her and she YELLS at me over the phone about the floor being sticky. She says I did a terrible job on the floor and that it was awful. She says she will let it go this time but next time I better fix it. Then she goes on about how well she pays me. I tell her that I usually charge more,etc,etc,and she has the nerve to still yet all me about how she paid me so well for only actually working for an hour and a half.I was there for 3 hours.Most of the time was spent waiting for the floor to dry,but I was there 3 hours.I finally stood up to her and told her no, she doesn't pay good. I don't charge everyone only 50 dollars. I was being nice to her. All she has done for the past year is complain about how 50 dollars is too much.I do all kinds of extra heavy cleaning that I normally wouldn't do.Well, I have decided that 50.00 is not enough to put up with her. I have decided to not go back.

LOVE my cats