Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday thought: Tithing

I am sick today and therefore skipping curch.

One thing I struggle with sometimes is paying tithing. I know I need to and I know it is the right thing to do. but sometimes I can't help but feel a tad greedy,especially right now, because I really want to buy some Alexander Henry apples and pears fabric. And I AM going to pay my tithing.I will not let myself be greedy. I just feel like, this fabric was hard to find and I really want it and I can still get some, just not as much as if I kept that tithing money. But honestly, I would feel guilty. And how would I tell Chris that I spend his tithing money on fabric? Yeah, would not be a cool thing to do. So I will get a little bit of fabric, and next week ,hopefully, I will still be able to find somemore. Really, I looked all over for it. Cally told me where she got hers and I got all excited just to find out they don't have anymore. But I did find some. A little more than my price range,but I am willing to pay it because I really love it. I am doing valances for my kitchen with it.Maybe a matching apron so I can look all domestic and cute at the same time like June Cleaver.
Anyways, back to tithing.
Years ago ,when I was a single mom of 3, I was faced with the tough decision of buying groceries,or paying my tithing. I was always able to provide my kids with all their needs, and most of the time even their wants,but I had a tough month work wise and that months pay just wasn't enough. We barely had any food in the house. Normally I had enough food stored for months like this,but we had used it and I hadn't had the chance ,or the money, to replenish it.I had some other money but I could not risk having the lights cut off and as a woman alone with 3 kids I needed a working phone.I gathered the kids together and explained that we wouldn't be able to have our movie night(we always either rented movies,or went to the dollar theatre on friday nights),and we could not go shopping for food because I really had to pay tithing. So I did. nephi,who was 8 at the time, and newly baptized, asked how we were going to get food. I explained that if we pay our tithing that Heavenly Father will not let us go hungry.We need to have Faith and through Faith miracles happen. I promised him we would get a miracle if we did what was right. We would be provided for. (In my mind though I was terrified of my kids going hungry. I was worried deep down that having no food for my family was punishment for other things I had done in my past.)I told him that we just needed to get on our knees and ask Heavenly Father to provide mommy with more work,and hopefully some work where I could be paid right away. So we did. We knelt and said a prayer and I tucked the kids into bed. It was friday,so we were having our weekly friday night campout in the living room. The doorbell rang,I am not even kidding,less than 20 minutes after we ended the prayer. It was sister Pollack. We were serving in primary together at the time.She did not know about my financial situation-nobody did. She explained to me that there was a ton of food left over from the church function that night. ( our ward had over 700 members so it was rare to have anything left over after a function).She said my name came to her mind as she was leaving the church and she decided to bring it right over to me. She said she didn't know why but she was sure I needed it. After we brought the food in, I noticed Nephi standing there with his mouth open,jaw to the floor. And he shouted out "mom, you were right!!!it's a miracle!!!" I could not believe it either. I was simply hoping for some extra work ,which I did get,but we were provided with food immediately too. I told the kids we needed to get on our knees and thank God for this miracle. And we did. And There was so much food that it lasted about 4 weeks. I think about this every week when I am faced with my greedy thoughts(unfortunately there are many). It doesn't take long for me snap into reality and know what I need to do and I do it with a happy heart. I think about that night everyday when I am faced with problems and I remember how God works in ways that we don't even realize and can't fully comprehend in this life. Sister Pollack was in tune with the spirit and through her our prayers were answered.Not to mention all the sisters in the ward who cooked way too much food that day!!! To them I will always be grateful. Because not were we able to eat and not go hungry,but this was the moment when Nephi knew the church is true without a doubt. He told me so.I hope my kids grow up always remembering that night.For me, the best part was watching my children see their prayers anwers right before their eyes!!!


Beeswax said...

Hi there, thanks for following my blog! I just clicked on over here. Your story has me in tears. I was just in a bad mood about getting everybody washed and ironed and dressed, then wrestling with them in Sacrament meeting, and then sitting in the hall for two hours (my job this month in Primary is to sit in the hall and help kids go to bathroom or whatever teachers need). But you reminded me of why I'm there in the first place. I need to serve. I need to be in touch with the spirit to know the children's needs. I could help someone like someone helped you.

It reminds me a little of a story from when I was a kid, only not so important. My brother prayed us a pie. Maybe I'll write about it later.

I saw you writing about your curtains. You need something called blackout lining. Most fabric stores have it. I've seen it go on clearance for 1 or 2 bucks a yard. You can make the curtains any fabric you want (although I recommend heavier weight fabrics for full length curtains), line them with blackout, and your room stays dark like a hotel room. Is lovely! If you want help, send me an email!

devri said...

wow, you are a greay riter, and what a great experience...

Ailyn said...


Cookie said...

That is such a great story!
I know I have said this before, but seriously, you should go into couponing!
Also, I had never heard of tithing. I had to look it up. And yikes! THat is a lot of money.

Natalie said...

I absolutely loved that. Your sweet boy with his jaw on the floor. My tears are a-flowin'. Thank you for sharing.

Alice Wills Gold said...

Cally would tell you to pay your tithing first because then God would provide you with unlimited cute fabric...just like he does for her :)

And that was said jokingly, even though it's true.

I appreciate your honesty. Tithing has become an old hat for really helped me look differently about it when I truly started believing that everything I have came from HIm first and he just asks for 1/10th back as my gesture of showing Him that I know so.

Alice Wills Gold said...

Oh and I so want to be the kind of person that is in tune like Sister Pollack.