Monday, April 28, 2008

it's ok to take a nap....right?

Sometimes while all the kids are at school I sleep. A lot. Like 4 hours alot. Sometimes...not everyday.

I enjoy the peace,the quiet...I have my best sleeps in the day time. So I can't help it. Sometimes I just need it. I took a nap today. The laundry can be folded later..

Tax Rebate

Tax Rebate. They set it in place to boost the economy. A little extra money for everyone in America,tax free, etc.Extra money. Given to us.To spend. To give the economy a little boost.When it first started they said everyone was getting one. 600.00 per adult and 300 per child. Sounds good to me. "We filed taxes" I thought to myself,so that means we will get 1800.00. Good. I even said to my husband " you know, it seems too good to be true..there has to be a catch". A few months later...the catch. It started with the income. Only certain income brackets would get the full amount, etc etc. ok, not so bad. Then we get a little card in the mail. Oh no. We are not getting the rebate. No 1800.00 for a new HDTV and king size bed. I am still hoping that we will fall into some special little loophole that will allow us to get it. But I doubt it. Here is the catch. Only US citizens get the rebate. Me and the kids are not citizens. Apparently greencards and visas and Tax id numbers don't count. So, in other words, the US Government is more than happy to take my tax dollars but won't let me have a rebate. I live here. I pay taxes here. I work here. My husband is American. He is full blood American born. And he doesn't get the rebate. Because of me. The rules are both spouses have to have a social security number. If one of them doesn't, neither if them get it. I think My husband should at least get it.Thanks, President Bush.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Random babble

I feel like I cant keep up lately. To anything. Kids, school,church callings, housework,bills,cats,kittens,yardwork,etc etc. I do make a schedule, I make a to do list every day. I never get it all done. I started this blog hoping to... I dont know, every one else has one, so....
And plus. It is a great way to keep up with my life. I have always kept a journal but lately have not been so good at keeping up.SO here I am.

The other day megan tells me on wednesday after school that she has this huge project due thursday. She had known about it for a week I think. She had a church activity that night which she probably should have missed but I had to be at the church also to play the piano for choir practice and Chris was working so I took the kids to the church. Besides, If megan had misssed her activity she would have mised out on the treat the following activity. Wouldn't want that. So, at 10 pm her project was finally done, and hopefully she was asleep by 11. If you know Megan, you know how the next day went. Enough said.

We have 2 litters of kittens in our house right now. It all started with Mocha. Our sweet silly Mocha,our first family pet. Siamese cat. That was fine, just one cat.Then we found a stray, who was so sweet to me, but mean to everyone else. We kept her, and named her Belle. She was my special cat. Made me feel good. She loved me unconditionally,gave me hugs,let me rub her tummy. Then she got run over one day. I cried all day. Then that summer some stray neighborhood runaway cat decided to have kittens in my inlaws back yard.We tried to ignore them. And we did. We even called the animal people to come and get them and take them away. They came. I think they caught one by the neck-with a pole with picker upper claws on the end. broke my heart. Then they set this totally inhumane trap for the others and said to call them when they were caught. We were so broken hearted that we rigged the trap so that it would not trap them. And we took one home. Then the rest followed. We kept the others outside and just let the one little fluffy orange one in the house. There we were content with the 2 cats. Then it started raining. A lot. So we would let the other kittens come in during the rainy nights. We put them in the bathtub,with a bed,bowl of water and food. They loved the bath tub. they loved the rain, because they knew that it would be time to come in and go in the bath tub. Well, one day they came in and never went back out.Just once in awhile to play. So then we had Mocha,boo boo( fluffy orange guy),halloween,and flash. Flash mysteriously disappearred one day when she was outside playing. Halloween and booboo grew up in our house. Then Halloweeen reached that age....the age of sexual maturity. Mocha was already that age. Oh, why didnt we get them fixed? We were stupid. And broke. So Halloween got pregnant. Then along came christmas,skippy,grey, and tigger.. They grew up in our house. SO then we had Mocha,boo boo,halloween, christmas,skippy,grey and tigger. Halloween never came home one day and same with skippy. Grey and christmas got to that boo is that daddy we think since they rarely left our house. Oh, by this time Mocha was only an outside guy. He was ready. So grey and christmas ended up pregnant at the same time.So now we have......Booboo,Tigger,christmas,grey,panther,garfield,sweet girl,shy boy,pip,and popcorn. Popcorn is siamese so we are thinking Mocha is still out there. Or it could simply be genes. Because if you have been following along you know they are all related. Except Belle who was run over earlier on. SO we have 10 cats. Somebody take our cats. They are cute,and cuddly and so funny but we are seriously out numbered. We should have had Mocha fixed. But we were broke. Oh, we did get booboo fixed after he got the girls pregnant.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Since this is my first "blog" entry I will start by introducing myself and my family. I am Chantal, my husband is Chris and my kids are Nephi,Megan and Elias. We live in North Carolina. We live on a farm but we don't have any animals ....yet,except for a bunch of cats. And Nephi has birds but they don't live with us. Nephi and his birds are staying with his dad (in Canada)during the school year. We will see him in the summer. Long wait,but it's what Nephi wanted to do. I stay at home and clean houses.And I love to scrapbook. ok well, here are some pics of me and Chris. I love my husband so much. He is my best friend. He is kind and sweet and smart and can fix anything. He can build anything too. He is a bit shy like me. And he is very very goodlooking.If he sees this written in my blog,he will be embarrassed and make me delete it. SO if you are reading this,he has not yet...