Saturday, October 31, 2009


Happy Halloween!

In honor of this spooky day I think I'll share a real life ghost story. It happened to me, so you get to hear this first hand!!

"Haunted Old House"

I used to clean houses to make money. One house I cleaned was very old, and even deemed an Historic site ( I saw the plaque). I don't know if it is still considered so, because they have done some renovations on the house since, and Historic houses are supposed to be kept in as much the original state as possible.
This house has the classic haunted house look. Paint chipped on the outside, spooky looking dirty wondows,a tipped over old rocking chair on the creeking porch, old creeky hardwood floors,tall ceilings, narrow long dark stairs, dark closets, and an old armoire in the hall with a cracked mirror. There was even an old broken run down shed in the backyard. The grass and weeds were uncut and dead, and there were tall sick trees in the yard.
When I first started cleaning ast this house, I would always feel like I was being watched. You know, kind of an eerie, spooky feeling. It is an old house, so I figured I was just spooked about how the house looked form the oustide. A few weeks into this job, I really became spooked!
I cleaned when no one was home, so I figured naturally that I was by myself. WRONG!!!!!!!
I was on my way up the stairs to clean the second floor when I heard BANG BANG a bat hitting a pipe or something. 3 times. When I reached the top of the stairs it did it again. And after a slight pause, again. I went downstairs and it stopped. Went upstairs and it started again. I took a deep breath and kept on cleaning. The only other incident that day, was the battery operated toys in the playroom. They all started talking and singing at once. I checked and they were all "off". The talking dolls were just too much and thank goodness I was finished my cleanup because I was outta there!!!
I managed a couple more cleanings by myself, and would still hear the banging ,and even got used to the dolls talking and singing.
Then came the footsteps. I would hear the footsteps coming up the stairs behind me after I was already at the top of the stairs. I would also hear them walking accross the main floor while I was upstairs. I would go to the top of the stairs and look down, and they would stop. One time I heard the footsteps upstairs while I was downstairs.
For awhile I made Chris go with me, or take another friend along. The ghost(s) didn't bother me when someone was with me. Just when I was alone. But I couldn't take someone with me every time. It was just getting too silly how scared I was.
I decided I was NOT going to be scared. I started talking to the ghost(s). I would say "it's ok, I am just cleaning your house" and " it's ok, I'm Chantal, just the cleaning lady". And you know what? The ghost(s) did not bother me after that.
I guess they were curious about what I was doing in their house? Or maybe felt threatened? I don't know. Maybe they eventually became comfortable having me there, like I became with them. I think they were just trying to look out for their house. It is a family house, so maybe they were "protecting" their family.
I never did mention any of this to the owner of the house. They may have thought I was crazy, right?!
And ,I admit ,I do miss my ghost(s) sometimes!!!