Sunday, August 31, 2008

Keeping it Sunday

So I was sitting in sacrament meeting today and kept thinking about blogging. Don't get me wrong. The meeting was excellent. Great speakers,great music, I learned a lot, I was inspired, I was touched, I was reminded of a lot of things that of course I know but seem to forget sometimes even though I know better. I couldn't help it though. My mind kept wandering over to the blogsphere.(Sheesh,Do you think I am addicted??) So I decided that if I absolutely needed to blog today that it would be spiritually oriented.

One thing that has struck me like a bolt of lightning lately is food storage. For the last few months or so it seems to be mentioned in every meeting. And last week, stake conference seemed to somehow revolve around food storage and family preparedness. My husband and I have been talking alot about it lately too. We both feel a sense of urgency to get in the game and be more prepared. We have seriously slacked in the food storage area. So we have been making some changes around here. Some of which were not voluntary but seem to have happened for a reason. This reason. Getting prepared.

We got rid of our nice expensive wonderful to ride in the heated seats in the "winter"(because north carolina doesnt have real winter,it just gets a bit nippy. No snow where we are,just a little nip in the air. But to everyone here it is winter) truck and got a less expensive vehicle which is just as reliable but not as fancy. And its better on gas. And we are grateful that it has allowed us the extra money to get prepared.

At the time we thought it was going to be the end of the world without our beautiful truck (we really loved that truck) but have since realized that there are way more important things. We prayed alot about the truck and it took us awhile to accept what we had to do. We knew what we had to do from the beginning,but at the time we didn't know what we would do for transportation. We live out in the boonies so transportation is a must. So we were confused,scared,and I am ashamed to say even unwilling to give up the truck. But once we did, we felt the most relief we had ever felt, and right away we were presented with an opportunity at purchasing a less expensive car.

Divine inspiration,people.

So here we are with our less expensive car ,and Uncle Mark comes to Chris one day with an opportunity to make more money. We prayed about it and decided it would be a good idea even though we could get by on what chris was already making. We would at least try it.

I see him less, because of his work hours, but our time together is all the more better because we appreciate it more. We don't bicker as much about stupid things.

Yesterday Chris was told that he needed to go in to work first thing sunday morning. Right away chris said no, he needed to keep his sunday work as close to none as possible. At first he was told that wasn't possible and Chris just said,well, too bad then. Now this could have been the end of his job. But instead, he was then told,ok. And he didn't have to work today. It would have been more money, and a few months ago he probably would have gone into work even though he knows better. I am proud of him for taking that stand even though it could have left him jobless. Our faith seems to be growing more by the day...thats what happens when you have your priorities straight!!

I won't bore you with the other small changes we have made. I just wanted to mention the most significant ones to get my point accross. My point being, now we can afford food storage. And looking back, having that truck was silly. I can't believe that for awhile there that truck was on our top priority list. I know, selfish and foolish. We lost sight of the eternal perspective. Its easy to sometimes when you want something (like a pretty truck) so bad.But we have learned. We are grateful to be so blessed and we have grown as a couple because of it. Life really does go a lot smoother when you put the Lord,his teachings, and family first.

Now, I need to know a few things. I seem like a fool here, but I don't have a clue about food storage. A friend of mine said get stuff we actually eat, and slowly build it up.
ok, so we now have enough soup and string beans to feed the ward, now what? Where do I get wheat? How do I use it? How do I store water,rice,flour and all that stuff so that it doesn't go stale? DOES it go stale? How much of everything do I need?What about meat?...... The freezer? I don't have a big freezer. And I don't want to fill a freezer in the first place. How would I transport a freezer full of meat to the mountains for the great gathering without it thawing and rotting and being wasted??

Have you read The Great Gathering? Great book by Chad Daybell. Available at all LDS bookstores and online. I posted about it awhile back.

Now back to food storage. I should have been paying more attention on the matter. I need help. Advice. Suggestions. ...

...I'm waiting.

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