Friday, August 22, 2008

ok, here it is

Ok, so I know I was very hiped about this. Because I was totally freaked out and excited at the same time. But really. how many people can say they have a freaky picture of a war skeleton.

Chris has been to this place many times and knows it well. He has been on this river in this same spot many times and has never seen any skeletons.This is the only picture from the trip that the image is in. the pic was taken at the neuse river,about 10 minutes from our house. The woods you see was the site of one of the bloodiest battles of the civil war.

ok, now look at the first pic. You can see a shadow that looks like a rifle in the woods. See it??

now look at the zoom in I did.
Is your hair standing on end?? Mine did, Chris saw it. And I have very long hair.

And Like I said, all the other pics from the trip are only woods,no sleletons.

And I promise the picture has not been doctored.
And I own copyright.


April said...

That is a cool picture. You should go back and get some closer up's.

Embury said...

Creepy. I would do what april says, go back and get some close-ups.

chantal said...

we plan to go back to that spot. but in all the other pics of that spot the skeleton isnt there.

Ailyn said...

CREEY VERY CREEPY. But at the same time very cool.
oh ya a MAgic bullet is a mini blender that chops,blends and dices in seconds. It is very cool.

Cookie said...

That is neat. Where is that taken?

chantal said...

It was taken near seven springs,nc. Site of a bloody civil war battle.One of the bloodiest.

Holly said...

Very cool. I was going to suggest going back and taking more pictures again as well.

Alice Wills Gold said...

I can't believe that no one else is NOT totally FREAKING out on these comments.

I am TOTALLY FREAKING out...we must be sisters at heart because this is just TOOO crazy to me.

I'm a believer!

My husband says it just looks like a dead tree, but he has never been known for being any fun!

Did I tell you that I am FREAKING out...I see it .. I see it!

I am totally linking you.

cally said...

Yikes. O. Rama!