Monday, August 25, 2008

school bus fiasco-on the first day!!

Ok, so I am a very panicky mother. The panickiest. School gets out at 2:45. The drop off time for my kids is about 3:15-3:25. Today they got home after 5:00.

Oh, why???

Because the bus driver broke her leg. Therefore the kids were stranded on the bus for over an hour waiting. Its hot outside. and inside the bus where there is no air conditioning. Then the sub was lost and kept going around in circles. The sub told the kids to tell me she was sorry.

I went into panic mode at about 4:00. I do know that sometimes they are late leaving the school for whatever reason so I waited to panic. I was shaking,breathing heavy,stressed out.
The principle kept saying"call back if they are not home in 10 minutes". Finally, the last time I called the first thing he said was "mam,the kids are ok". I thought, OH NO. Then he told me the situation.

The kids are fine. In fact they were excited to have something "cool" happen on the first day of school.


Holly said...

thats nuts!!! They should have been calling all the parents right away to let them know what was going on. My goodness. The bus driver could have called the school and let them know the situation long before you even had to worry so the school could call you. Thats just crazy!

Cookie said...

Oh my gosh! How scarey for you! Glad to hear they were ok, though.