Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I had a very clever title in mind for this post. I decided not to use it though in case some may be offended. It wasn't even really very offensive. Gross maybe...


first, let me describe my travelling laundry system. I pack everything as normal in the suitcases. But I bring an extra empty bag for dirty clothes. That way dirty clothes don't get mixed up with the clean and we know when we are running out of stuff to wear and need to do laundry. So, wear the clothes,and when you change, put them in the bag designated for dirty stuff. Very simple even a child can follow. I have used this system for years,as I am sure many parents have as well. I rely on this system to keep the mess contained. It works.

Now I will tell you about the gruesome discovery I made as I was happily unpacking what I thought was a suitcase of nice clean clothes. I reached in the little zip up pocket and pulled out my hubby's underwear. I was putting it in the put away pile when I realized that it was not clean .And I am pretty sure most of his stuff in the suitcase was dirty. Ugly words started swimming around in my head. Because all his nasty toilet germs were crammed into the underwear pocket where my CLEAN underwear also happened to be. He had actually gone to the trouble of folding all his dirty clothes and putting them back in the CLEAN suitcase. NOT in the designated dirty bag. So I ended up washing most of the stuff because I was really not sure what was clean and what was not. Some was obvious, Some was not so obvious and I couldn't quite tell when I sniffed.

Yes, I sniffed.


HEY !! I really didn't want to do any laundry that was unecessary.

The kids followed my system and I am happy to report that I was able to unpack their suitcases without sniffing.


Cookie said...

LOL! Aren't husbands the biggest kids?!

AlaneM said...

For me it's always the kids that have put interesting underwear with the clean clothes.
O'course it doesn't help that 2 of them have constipation problems & are often ummm, leaky.
Thanks for the giggle :)

April said...

lol this is so funny

Alice Wills Gold said...

I've got the same system. And it works well...depending on the length of the trip, sometimes I take two dirty duds bags.

And my hubby knows way better than to attempt a clean clothes sabatoge like that.

And, I would have sniffed too, but I would not have been happy!