Wednesday, June 11, 2008

weekend "campout"

When my kids were teeny tiny I started a little ritual of having "friday night campouts" in the living room. I was a single mother and even though I was able to get the bills paid, I didn't have a whole lot left for fun stuff. I couldn't afford vacations,or the circus and stuff like that. So I wanted them to have some fun. My oldest is 12 and the ritual still sticks today(even though we can afford a little more now). Every friday without fail, they are excited to sleep in the living room. We eat popcorn,watch movies and sometimes play Cadoo(fun game).Even if friends or cousins are sleeping over. Nothing gets in the way of their "friday night campouts". This week we had a "campout" on sunday night since they had a cousin over,and it's summer,so we didn't have to get up for school the next day.

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