Monday, June 16, 2008

Fathers day birthday

June 15th is my birthday and this year it happened to fall on fathers day. I told my husband no party. I told my mother in law no party. They almost kept their promise.

See, 3 years ago on my birthday I said the same thing. And my husband and mother in law threw me a surprise party. I was totally shocked and thought we were going out to eat. In fact, I was getting annoyed at my husband because I was ready to go and he was sitting at the computer like we had all the time in the world. Finally he got up and we took the kids accross the road to his parents house. At least that is what I thought we were doing. We get there and nobody is in the house. So we go to the "shop"(a garage that is also renovated into a little lounging room). I notice the cars and wonder why so many people are here. We go in and everyone yells surprise.

The next year,it happened pretty much exactly the same. I said no party. Because I am a grown up and just want to relax on my big day,not party. So we planned to go out to eat. So I thought. So this time, chris says he needs to stop at the shop because his dad wants him to fix something. I said ok, I'll wait in the car. He says to come in. So I go in and everyone yells surprise. I was totally surprised because I did not think he would actually throw a surprise party 2 years in a row. Kind of tacky. But yep, there they were. And he even left work early that day, drove to his parents house,hid the truck in their backyard ,and baked my birthday cake. And decorated it.And it was the most delicious cake ever. Really, it was so good.

So this year, the entire family went over to chris's parents house to eat fathers day dinner after church. I was on guard because I thought chris was being just a bit too nice. Sure enough, after dinner,my mother in law tells chris to go help her get the ice cream from the shop. I think to myself "help her get ice cream?? Just how much ice cream is there??"they came back with a birthday cake.

After dinner and cake, cousins calin and cara came over to play. All in all, it was a pretty good day.
Oh, and speaking of church, the primary kids sang in sacrament meeting. They sang 3 songs, and on the first song(I know a name,a glorious name...) they accidentally sang "mother so tender and kind and true" instead of "father so noble and brave and true". But it was good.
And in primary,Joy got all the kids to sing to me. I am the pianist in primary and the only birthday this week so I was made to stand up in front of all the kids and they sang accapella (is that how you spell it??). And they all shouted WOO HOO after. Very nice,very nice. And they gave me 3 chocolate bars. I love all those kids.

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