Monday, June 2, 2008


Ok. So ,yesterday afternoon it was extremely hot outside.It was about 90 degrees I think. Needless to say, we had the air conditioner on. I woke Chris up at about 5pm so he could get ready for work. When he got, up he asked why it was so hot in the house. I had not noticed,I was tired from church and had my traditional Sunday afternoon headache.We looked at the atomic clock in the kitchen(which displays the in house temperature) and it said 78 degrees. It eventually climbed to 80,almost 81.


Chris went outside to check it out and noticed the fan was not turning.
Oh no.
Sunday evening.
nobody to come fix it.
Because it is Sunday.
So, Chris went to work and the kids and I nearly sweated to death in our oven house all night. I had fans blowing on us ,which helped a lot as long as we just stayed still.What a night. And to top that off, it was thunder storming. Which means it was even worse because of the humidity.It was a nightmare. I barely slept a wink because all I could think about was all the stuff I have heard on the news over the years about people dying from heat.
I am from Canada.
Saskatchewan, Canada, where it is cold.
It does not get hot and humid like here.
So, I was afraid last night. I kept checking on the kids to make sure they were alive. I know, I am a paranoid mom. I got up at 530 when it was finally starting to get a bit cooler outside. I opened all the windows ,which cooled things off a bit. The atomic clock read 77 degrees after a couple of hours. Which,does not seem like that big a difference because it is only 3 degrees. But when you are that hot, it makes a big diff!! Well, this morning Chris was finally able to reach a friend of ours who happens to be in the heating and air business. He and Chris were able to figure out over the phone what was wrong with it. Then we had to find the part. Luckily, a guy Chris works with is the expert on where to buy top notch parts for a great price. We got the part for 6 dollars. Yes, 6 dollars! everywhere else charges between 40 and 70 dollars for this part. It's because of where they work that they were able to get it so cheap,so we are very happy. It is hot again today but cool in the house because Chris fixed it!!!
My husband can fix anything.

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