Monday, June 2, 2008


I failed. I failed to provide a spiritually uplifting educational fun with family at home evening for my kids today. See, awhile back, I put the kabosh on movies for FHE. Nobody could ever agree on what to watch.We tried taking turns but that turned into more bickering because so and so did not like the movie that so and so picked,etc. So I eliminated the source of contention. Tonight I decided that ,since I have been busy all day and too tired to plan a real lesson, I would let the kids watch a movie. It took 3 hours to make it through a movie that is supposed to last for just over an hour and half. So and so did not like the movie that so and so wanted to watch(Alvin and the Chipmunks) so therefore so and so started crying. I told so and so to help us decide because the new rule that I came up with tonight on movies for FHE is that everyone must agree. Right. Well, FHE nearly comes to an end when I start yelling about how greedy everyone is acting and that we are just going to forget the whole thing and and not have FHE this week because i am sick of the arguing. I tell everyone that if you can't be nice we are all going to bed RIGHT and so decides to go to bed instead. Fine, its bedtime anyways because we have spent an hour arguing and could have been finished by now,had I planned a real lesson like I am supposed to. Chris works nights right now so he got to miss the blow out. Lucky man. So we start watching ALvin and the Chipmunks and about half way through so and so deceides to join us after all. He just remembered that this is his favorite movie.. I am exhausted.

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