Wednesday, June 11, 2008

summer=kids home=stress

Kids are out of school for the summer. On their last day of school I was at work and a wave of stress washed over me when I realized...I don't have a thing for them to do besides watch tv and play video games. And read. So on the way home I stopped at the Family Dollar store and bought a BUNCH of arts and crafts supplies. Megan is a natural crafter and has a bunch of craft odds and ends. So with her odds and ends and my dollar store purchases we should be ok. For about a week.
I bought them these composition books with hopes of playing teacher this summer and making them do a bit of work each day. You know, 15 minutes of reading and a bit of writing. They decorated their books the way they liked (megans idea-I never would have thought of decorating the books!)
Megan made this little "boat" for chris for fathers day.
And she did this lovely painting on popsicle sticks. She has a lot of creativity in her. I think it turned out great.
We'll see how we do the rest of the week.

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