Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sick today

I am sick today. I almost stayed home from church. Buts it's a good thing I didn't. I am the assistant ward pianist in my ward. Which means if the pianist isn't there I play. We also have an organist,who is there most of the time. Usually the organist plays one or 2 songs and the pianist plays the others. I know, most wards just have an organist but our ward is very large and a lot of people have more than one calling. So it helps to have someone share the load when you have other callings to tend to as well. Anyways, I knew our organist was going to be away today. Our pianist was away last week so I was not sure if she would be back today. But nobody had called me. So I figure I didn't have to worry about it. wrong I was!!! I had this feeling of panic on saturday that I should practice the songs in case I had to play. Good thing I did. We left for church early just in case my gut feeling was right. Good thing because neither if them were there and I ended up having to play. I am also the primary pianist and the choir pianist. So then I had 2 more hours of primary piano playing to do. Its a good thing I went today because if I hadn't there would have been nobody to fill in for me either. ( if I am not there the organist fills in for me in primary). There are tons in our ward who play but they are either unwilling or busy with other callings. So, thanks to me following the promptings of the spirit,crisis averted. That is my spiritual thought for today.

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Embury said...

You can never go wrong listening to the spirit.