Tuesday, July 1, 2008

cats being cute

She's hoping for some beefaroni.She ended up getting some,too, since daddy spoils her.Her name is sweet girl and she is chris's favorite. Every morning when he gets home from work she sits on his lap and goes to sleep.
The cats love this fuzzy blanket of Megans.

Panther asleep with Elias in the middle of the afternoon.

Ok, in the above picture the kittens are trying to nurse. Off of Booboo. Booboo is a boy. he's their great uncle. He just layed there with a trance look on his face while they were trying to suck milk out of him.

The kittens love to snuggle.

they love their stuffed toys.

Just hangin out in a dish.

Fascinated by the blind cord.


Best friends.

Our cats are like our babies so I can't leave them out of the updates. Here are some of them being cute.

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Embury said...

The kids are so cute! I really like the picture with Elias playing in the sand and the one where Megan is lying down with the two cats on her. I like Nephi's pic too. He's so adorable!