Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Praise to the Blogging world

I have accidentally discovered an entire new universe. Housewives,Mothers,Stay at Home moms,whatever you want to call them,they're here.
Who knew??
This was a total accident. Here is how it happened. When I rang in the new year with my husband and kids,I made a secret resolution to myself to become better. A better Mom,wife,student,Visiting Teacher,cook,friend..you get the picture. I wanted to reinvent myself. I was depressed,unmotivated,and just down in the dumps all the time. I have gained about 40 pounds in the last year and a half. I can't get pregnant. I live in redneck land far away from all I have been acustomed to.
No offence to rednecks. I do like it here. I just am still not used to it. Anyways, I decided to start by repairing broken relationships with all the friends I knew and loved back in the day. I lost contact for about 14 years. Long story which I will save for another long winded post. I have a myspace page which I hadnt really used except to keep tabs on my fave celebrities(I know,get a life,right?). So I started looking for friends. I didn't really find many people. I did find my good friends brother. He tells me to try facebook. So I do. Everyone I have ever known and loved is on Facebook.
Wow. I found friends that I was sure had disgarded any memory of me,and found they still love me! I reconnected with my best friends,got aquainted with extended family,and made new friends too.I noticed a few people had blogs but never paid much attention at first. One friend of mine mentioned that she uses it as a way of keeping her parents up to date with the grandkids since they live away from each other. I think to myself "what a fab idea!".
So I started a blog. My first post I introduced myself etc because I did know that people that may not know me may see the blog. But I really had no idea. One time I was looking at this one blog and noticed on the sidebar ,links to different blogs.
See, it took me awhile to navigate the whole blogging process. I'm thinking to myself..."lets check this out". I soon realized that blogging is the new shopping. The new playdate.The new mom group. This is what we all do!!!
My husband is completely oblivious.
He knows I have a blog,he hears me talk about funny posts,recipes and tips,and far away places ,but is really clueless to how big this thing really is. I am in awe. Now, all you gals who have been at this for a long time think I am very lame,I know. But I am so happy to have found this new fun world. I am communicating with real adult moms all over the world who understand me. I am no longer down in the dumps,feeling lonely from being surrounded by only children 16 hours out of the day.I found a pastime that is fun and I have found people I can hang with without leaving my chair and my pajamas. I find new recipes to try that my husband actually considers edible. And parenting....oh, there are other moms out there who understand my pain!! And my joys. I know how to speak in real adult sentences again.I feel motivated to excercise and I am losing weight. Instead of eating,I type. Call me corny but blogging is my therapy. And it is useful. Record keeping is important. And since that was my main purpose for starting this blog, I dont feel guilty for it. Yes, I could be doing laundry or cleaning toilets ( It WILL get done,just not right this second) but I would much rather be here in my chair wearing my pajamas drinking Dr Pepper.
ok, maybe I love blogging a little too much .

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Embury said...

It's great that you've found something that works for you. In church we're always encouraged to keep journals, and that's sort of what a blog is, except it's online and it's public, so you may not write out your deepest thoughts, but it's as close to a journal as you can get. I enjoy your blog and hope you keep it up.