Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tagged by Laura

5 years ago...
1. Running a Daycare out of my house by day and working at Western Wats by evening.
2. Preparing for Nephi's Baptism
3. My sister was living with me in Lethbridge Alberta
4. Elias was 3.
5. Megan called me at work sobbing because she and my sister found our guinea pig Bernard dead in its cage.

Things on my list for today
1. Get appointment with Dermatologist
2. call/email everyone and cancel choir practice
3. get recipe for homemade laundry soap
4. laundry
5. clean the litter box
6. hopefully go to Elias's cubscout meeting
7. clean bathrooms

5 snacks I enjoy
1. salt and vinegar chips
2. chocolate ( but not dark)
3. pickles
4. cheese
5. apples

5 things I would do if I was a millionaire
1. Pay off all debt
2. Buy a new house
3. Buy a new car
4. put aside money for kids college and missions
5. Buy a really nice ring and a bunch of new clothes
oh....and let Chris open a R/C hobby shop

5 places I have lived
1. Regina, Saskatchewan
2. Raymond, Alberta
3. Lethbridge,Alberta
4. Brooks,Alberta
5. Mount olive,North Carolina

5 jobs I have had
1. A&W ( I was the early morning weekend onion ring maker)
2. Wendy's (on and off for 10 years)
3. Western Wats ( market research)
4. Daycare (on and off for 10 years)
5. Office manager

Tag 5 people......
1. April
2. Holly J.
3. Ailyn
4. Karen S.
5. Devri


The Big Ape said...

just curious when did you live in Brooks, Alberta? BTW you have a nice looking site. You can tell you have an artistic eye. You can check out the Pondering Thoughts of a Mad Monkey.

The Big Ape AKA Darcy Kepke

April said...

I like your "if you were a millionaire, you would buy a big ring" LOL
I think I would buy a cabin in Waterton and then the money would be gone... :)

devri said...

Sorry, for some reason your not on my bloglist, but I am fixing that right now. Dang it, tagged again, will do this one tomorrow, I promise.

if you become a millionare, buy me a ring too.

devri said...

Dang it ran out of time, and too tired, I will play tom.

Cookie said...

Ok, First let me just say how happy I am that you didn't tag me. I'm so bad at doing these things.
Second, I hope that you don't enjoy all of your favorite foods together. It sounds like a menu for pregnant women! Although chocolate goes with almost everything, pickles is definitely one thing chocoate should not be mixed with!
And third, I LOVE onion rings. I now have a new career calling. I want to be a professional onion ring maker. ANd i'm not joking. I can't get enough onion rings!

chantal said...

oh,cookie, I still remember that stinkin' " secret" onion ring recipe. It haunts me. And I hate onions! If I knew what was in the mystery batter they use I would totally give the recipe away to you. Maybe someone has already put it online somewhere!!!