Saturday, October 4, 2008

sicky cold and motorcycles

I feel like Poo today.
I can't breathe out of my nose,and therefore cannot sleep well. I woke up during the night with snot running down my face.

Sorry about the grossness.

My face feels like a blown up balloon.
I don't feel good.

I haven't posted for a few days so I thought i should write at leat something.

Chris went on a motorcycle trip to the mountains. I worry when he goes riding on that thing. I was not in favor of him buying it in the first place. But it really does save on gas. He has a 40 minute drive to work every night,which HURTS financially with the gas prices so high. He was driving a company truck for awhile but he was told he would get a significant raise if he didn't drive the truck home everyday. the gas was free with the company truck. And he still uses the truck at work.But when we sat down and looked at the numbers,we realized that it would be worth it to get the raise and have the motorcycle to drive to work,and everywhere else that he goes without me. And we got it for a great price,paid for it upfront and did not have to go into debt to do it. Which is a huge plus!!
So he and his buddy took a trip to the mountains this weekend. Chris's parents have a cabin in Burnsville. So that is where they are until tonight. I have worried nonstop. He likes to drive fast on the winding (NARROW) roads but he promised he would be more careful on the motorcycle. He called last night and he is still alive so hopefully he will come home that way. I'm still worried though. praying every second.

Beverly Hills 90210 is airing old reruns on soapnet so I'm going to plunk my fat butt on the couch and and relive the early 90's and will myself back to health. And watch General Conference. Happy saturday everyone!!!


Cookie said...

Hope you feel better soon! And I can't blame you for being scared of motorcycles. Hope he rides safe!

Karen said...

oh, imagine I am giving you a cup of chicken-noodle soup!! Hope you feel better, and fast. And hope your hubby does ride safe! Motorcycles ARE scary, especially on mountain roads.

Kate said...

I hope you fell better soon.

Rita said...

Hope you are feeling better now -- and that your hubby was safe on his trip!

Alice Wills Gold said...

Yeah, nothing like plopping on the couch for some 90's reminiscing. I haven't had the courage to watch the new 90210...I just want to keep the memories happy from back in the day.

Hope you enjoyed Gen Conf.