Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bad Mom Tuesday.

It is only 7:03 am and I already wish the day was done.
I just put my kids on the school bus and I think I will go cry after I write this.

Yesterday was a teacher work day.
Megan had homework on friday. They NEVER have homework on friday.
She did not tell me she had homework, and therefore I could not remind her to do it. You see where this is going.....

So this morning she has an all out FIT because I did not remind her to do her homework. 5 minutes before the bus comes she decides to cry over this. She WAILED about how she needs to stay home now,her life os over,she doesn't want her teacher to me mad......

"FORGET IT " I yelled. Yes I yelled. I yelled About how she better lose the attitude,go to school and face her consequences ( silent lunch-sitting at a table by herself in the lunch room doing homework) or Halloween is cancelled.AT 6:55 am. And I am sure the neighbors heard me.

Then Elias starts crying because my yelling scared him. And he does not want me to cancel Halloween.

I stood my ground. I once again yelled that if there are any attitudes when the bus comes,NO HALLOWEEN.

Trunk or treat is friday and in our ward its one of those ---you can't miss it--- parties. Contests,treats,games,the whole shebang.So of course the sobbing and the wailing continues because I am threatening to cancel Halloween. I didnt know what else to do. It is my only amunition at this point. Their beloved Halloween.

So then I beg them to stop crying by saying I will make Halloween cupcakes today so they can have a nice tasty snack after school.

Silence. Sheesh, if only I had thought of bribing them from the start.
Silly mom.

And maybe she really did forget. But still. She needs to be responsible. She is,after all, 11 years old.

So I hope and pray they have a good day.
I hate sending kids to school after yelling at them. I feel like they are going to be sad all day now. I don't normally yell at them. I only pull that one out when I need it to stop NOW, which in the last few months is rare. Because they have been really good.Which makes it worse. Because now they probably went to school feeling like mama doesn't love them. Which is heart breaking. It has been forever since the last time I had to yell at them before going to school. And the last time I did I ended up calling the school and asking how they were. And telling the secretary how we had a rough morning and I yelled and they cried.And telling her how if Megan says anything to anyone that the reason is because I yelled. And I could feel her thoughts through the phone. She probably thought I had beat her. Which only made it worse. Because I do not spank let alone beat.
So I won't call the school this time.

I feel like a terrible mother. I wish it was tomorrow.


April said...

All good moms have a bad day. The rest of today will be better, and tomorrow a fresh start. :) Good luck.

devri said...

Hey I swore I left a comment-

oh well, everyone has there bad days, I don't care who you are, everyone does... if they say they don't they are lying!!!!

Go enter my giveaway... I miss your comments, are you busy are you sick of me? are you telling me to stop the comment.. ok I stop now!!

really I stop here.

Cookie said...

I hope your day got better. Don't be too hard on yourself. The kids should know better than to push your buttons that early! 6:55 is the middle of the night to me!
You're a good mom and one day the kids will appreciate you. Until then remember that no matter what, the kids always blame mom!

Rita said...

Don't be so hard on yourself. We moms all have those moments and I too, hate when they happen as the kids leave for school. Then you do end up worrying about them all day and chances are they are fine after a while.

Hope your evening was much better and you got lots of hugs from the kids to make you feel better!

Alice Wills Gold said...

Oh man...that was a bad one.

Those are the days, you gotta go and have lunch with the kiddos.

I hate it when that happens.

I have figured this out with my 9 year old. SHe is such a great student, but she can't stand to let her teacher see if she wasn't responsible. As soon as I explain to her that no one is perfect and that her teacher doesn't expect her to be perfect, it got a little better.

But, I have so had this same scenario at my house.....I'm glad that I am reading late or I would be worried about you....I am sure now that they have all had Halloween it is all better!

And, you better take notes for future reference....start with the bribery.....save the yelling for last resort...i am going to try and remember that one too.