Saturday, May 24, 2008

Dreams really do come true

My parents gave the kids money for Christmas. Nephi is with his Dad and spent his on computer stuff. Megan and Elias have been harrassing me for years to take them to the build-a-bear workshop. So we decided to stop there while we were in the mountains over Easter break.It was 2 months ago but I just haven't had the motivation to upload the pictures until now. So here they are. They are in love with their bears. Oh,and buying clothes for these bears is like buying clothes for a child because they cost just as much.Crazziness.So thanks,parents, because I never would have spent(my own) money like this.

Chris's parents have a cabin in the mountains is Burnsville. It's great to go there,very relaxing and the air is so fresh. My father in law build a treehouse on the hill beside the cabin. It is a real treehouse.You can eat,sleep,watch tv,use the bathroom,everything. Its such a cute little house.It has a bedroom and toilet upstairs,and downstairs is a little kitchen and living room area and bathroom. You have to climb ALOT of stairs to get to the treehouse but I would totally live in it. He built this treehouse with his own hands. Chris and a couple of friends helped but he moslty did it all himself. The picture shown here is the treehouse. I don't have a pic of the cabin to post yet. It's not as cute as the treehouse. And I dont have any of the inside yet. I didn't think to take pictures of the inside,so I will do that next time.

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