Monday, April 28, 2008

Tax Rebate

Tax Rebate. They set it in place to boost the economy. A little extra money for everyone in America,tax free, etc.Extra money. Given to us.To spend. To give the economy a little boost.When it first started they said everyone was getting one. 600.00 per adult and 300 per child. Sounds good to me. "We filed taxes" I thought to myself,so that means we will get 1800.00. Good. I even said to my husband " you know, it seems too good to be true..there has to be a catch". A few months later...the catch. It started with the income. Only certain income brackets would get the full amount, etc etc. ok, not so bad. Then we get a little card in the mail. Oh no. We are not getting the rebate. No 1800.00 for a new HDTV and king size bed. I am still hoping that we will fall into some special little loophole that will allow us to get it. But I doubt it. Here is the catch. Only US citizens get the rebate. Me and the kids are not citizens. Apparently greencards and visas and Tax id numbers don't count. So, in other words, the US Government is more than happy to take my tax dollars but won't let me have a rebate. I live here. I pay taxes here. I work here. My husband is American. He is full blood American born. And he doesn't get the rebate. Because of me. The rules are both spouses have to have a social security number. If one of them doesn't, neither if them get it. I think My husband should at least get it.Thanks, President Bush.

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